Fernando Pullum Community Arts

Alan Palmer

Alan Palmer is the Development Projects Manager for Kawai Musical Instrument Manufacturing Company. Born in Long Beach, California, Alan joined Kawai in 1996 as a product specialist and sound programmer. In 2003 he was appointed Development Projects Manager and senior product specialist, overseeing many developmental aspects of Kawai’s digital pianos on behalf of Kawai America as well as working closely with Kawai R&D in Japan on sound and product design. Before joining Kawai, Alan spent 16 years as a staff musician at Disneyland (1980-1996), and as a freelance woodwind and keyboard player for many top Los Angeles studios and touring artists. He turned his attention to MIDI consulting for recording studios and musical instrument manufacturers in the late 1980s, and remains active both as a freelance musician and sound consultant, in addition to his duties at Kawai. Alan received his musical training in commercial music performance from Fullerton College before taking a position at Disneyland, then continuing his studies in electronic music and recording at Golden West College.

With over 30 years of experience as a performer and music educator, and nearly 20 years’ experience as a project/product manager for a top music manufacturer, Alan brings real-world experience to the FPCAC board from both the artistic and business perspective.