Fernando Pullum Community Arts

The Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center

Performing Arts assist in children’s development and enriches the lives of the community. A 2005 Harris poll revealed that 93% of the public believes that arts, including theater, are vital to a well-rounded education. Yet, many local public schools offer little to no performing arts programs. Arts instruction has been proven to:

  • Improve school attendance
  • Reduce High School drop-outs
  • Raise test scores
  • Improve reading and communication skills – verbal and non-verbal

The Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center is a non-profit organization, providing quality arts instruction to under-served students in South Los Angeles. Our teachers provide a program filled with structure and well planned curriculum to help their students build self-esteem, develop civic responsibility and learn to apply the same dedication and commitment to their academic achievement. Pullum Center serves all students with a desire to learn and grow their talent.